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Ida Whiteside Women American Astronomer

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ida Whiteside daughter of Albert Whiteside (1846-1916) and Nellie McClellan Pease (1862-1935) born in Cambridge, New York.

Records on parents marriage: 1861 Marriage Notices People’s Journal Greenwich, NY

At the country residence of the bride’s parents, at Buskirk’s Bridge, N.Y., Sept. 26th, by Rev. James L. Southard, Albert Whiteside, and Miss M. Ida Pease, daughter of A.S. Pease, Esq., of Saratoga Springs. Ida had two brothers Henry Whiteside (1888-1945) and John Charles Whiteside (1893-1956)

South Cambridge New York Student Vassar 1904/05 AM 06 Harvard 1907-1909 teacher missionary Luxor Egypt

In 1908 The Wellesley College Magazine, Volume 17: A circular of Harvard University reports the discovery of a new variable star by Miss Ida Whiteside, of the Department of Astronomy at Wellesley.

Whiteside won a prize for a 1907 paper on the orbit of comet co-authored with Elizabeth Buchanan Cowley (1874–1945) an American mathematician.

Connection to Maria Mitchell Observatory

  • General Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Vassar College, Volume 5 Vassar College

  • A history of Phineas Whiteside and his family


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