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Richardson Pratt Eaton and Greenwood Families of Dublin New Hampshire

Robert Levi Berry, my father had this in his photo collection titled the Five Old People Dublin, NH--L to R Malachi Richardson, Tamisin Greenwood Richardson, Lucy Brewer Pratt (widow of Luke Richardson, brother of Malachi-1805-1893), Rebecca Pratt Eaton, Moses Eaton, JR

REBECCA PRATT 1867 m MOSES EATON at Dublin NH Nov 22 1835 VII Children b at Dublin 4842 Luther P b Dec 25 1836 4843 Mary R b Aug 11 1838 4844 Sarah E b Aug 11 1840


He was of Harvard and was b Feb 7 1760

He resided at Fitchburg where his wid was living l850

Children born at Fitchburg

1863 Polly b Sep 21 1789 resided unmd at Fitchburg 1850

1864 John D b Feb 6 1792 m Emma Sawyer June 6 1823

1865 Tamar b Nov 12 1793 m Samuel Sheldon June 3 1819

1866 Sally b Aug 1 1796 resided unmd at Fitchburg 1850

1867 Rebecca b July 2 1798 m Moses Eaton Nov 22 1835

1868 Luther b Aug 6 1800 d Aug 8 1819 at Dublin

1869 Philemon b Aug 20 1803 d Sep 29 1807

1870 Lucy B b Oct 27 1805 m Luke Richardson July 11 1822

1871 Thomas D b Oct 31 1807 m Susan L Vood Oct 27 1836 and resides at Lunenburg

1872 Phebe B b Dec 1 1809 d Sep 1 1831 at Luncnburg

Information from Book of the Lockes. A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of W. Locke, of Woburn. With an appendix, containing a history of the Lockes in England, also of the family of J. Locke of Hampton, N. H., and kindred families and individuals.Picture of Moses Eaton, Jr From Vintage New England Stenciling

Malachi Richardson (Abijah' , Barnabas'2, Edward", Hannah' Converse, Major James', Lieutenant James", Deacon Edward', Christopher', Richard, Reginald, Alice Nevill, Earl Sir William", Lady Joan' Beaufort), born 25 Sep 1798 in Dublin. He married Tamison Greenwood March 1837

Lived on Richardson homestead Dublin NH From The Family Forest Descendants of Lady Joan Beaufort by Bruce Harrison

See Also "The Richardson memorial, comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, who came from England, and united with others in the foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year 1641, of John Richardson, of Medfield, 1679, of Amos Richardson, of Boston, 1640, of Edward and William Richardson, of Newbury, 1643, with notices of Richardsons in England and elsewhere."

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