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Photo Mercy Warren Daughters of the American Revolution 1942

Mercy Warren Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Springfield, Massachusetts Chartered 1892 A 50th Anniversary On September 14, 1727, Mercy Otis was born to Mary Allyne and Colonel James Otis of Barnstable, Massachusetts. As she grew, her father, unconventionally for a member of the colonies, allowed his daughter to attend tutoring sessions with her brother as he prepared for Harvard. On November 14, 1754, Mercy Otis married a Plymouth merchant, James Warren who continued to encourage his wife's intellectual pursuits. The Warrens had five sons, James (1757) Winslow (1759), Charles (1762), Henry (1764) and George (1766). Since "Her husband had a distinguished political career" (wiki 1), Mrs. Warren came to know the leaders of the American Revolution personally. Thus, Mrs. Warren was in or near the center of pivotal political discussions which inspired her to begin writing. Pictured here in her early thirties, Mrs. Warren's writings would later include political satires, plays, verse and history. One of the first published women authors in America and best remembered as authoress of the three volume, first history of the American Revolution (1805). Mercy Otis Warren's writing earned her congratulations from contemporaries such as "George Washington and Alexander Hamilton who remarked, 'In the career of dramatic composition at least female genius in the United States has outstripped the male'". From DAR Page Visit Mercy Warren Chapter

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