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In Remembrance of Our Ancestors Biographies and Archives from the Colonial Dames

Jamestown colonists came ashore of the first permanent English settlement in North America. Painting by Sidney E. King, courtesy of Colonial National Historical Park

All complied by members of the National Society of Colonial Dames

There is Jamestown, Mayflower, American Revolution, Quakers, Early settlers, and much more! A treasure trove!

Conde-Charlotte Museum House Alden, John, Alston, John Appleton, Samuel Appleton, Samuel II, Anthony Armistead, Anthony Ashby, John Barrett, Thomas Battle, William Beall, Josias Bennett, Edward Berkeley II, Edmund Beville, Essex Bibb, William Billingsley,Francis Blount, James Blow, Richard Bolling, Robert Bond, and the list go on!

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