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Images of California from the News Archives

In 1925 California Plant Wizard Luther Burbank celebrated his 76th birthday planting shrubs in San Rosa with American Legion Post.

Pueblo's Battling Firefighter Jim Flynn in 1912 before his fight in the ring with Charlie Miller

Policeman John A. Shackleton and blood hound assistants who followed scent of escaped prisoner Walter Grey in 1911.

Ex-Senator Cornelius Cole (1822-1924) celebrating his 102nd birthday in Los Angeles September 17, 1924. He died two months later November 3, 1924. From the Fresco Republican Oct. 5, 1924.

Mrs E. E. O'Brien California's only woman construction engineer presided at opening of Contractor's Association of Northern California in 1923. L to R: Henry J. Kaiser, Clarence B. Eaton, Mrs. O'Brien, A.J. Fairbanks, and Herbert Nunn.

1917 Christmas dinner for Sailors and Soldiers 1917 hosted by Timothy Hopkins. Sargent Clayton L Thorn, Mrs. Lucius L. Solomons, and Timothy Hopkins--the later carved the turkey. Below are some of the waitresses that served L to R: Mrs. Hugh Fairlie, Mrs Drummond McGavin, Mrs. E. E. Brownell, Mrs. Charles K. McIntosh, and Mrs. Frank Cheatham.

In 1923 Miss Eugenie Gilberts of Los Angeles won second place in the beauty contest held under the direction of Rudolph Valentino, in Madison Square Garden, New York. She received a big ovation by the 7000 persons

Noted California violinist Sol Cohen returns to Los Angels in a Buick Coach after a long drive across country with pianists Wells Hively in 1925

Irving Pearne, F. Florentin, and Frank Pearne three Los Angeles bicycle speeders before the 4th July road race in 1906.

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