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Foster-Kimball Case Family Scandal: Grave Dug Up to Prove Marriage Valid

Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts), 10 October 1900, page 14

When Oliver Sidney Foster, a wealthy brick manufacturer of Revere, Massachusetts, passed on 24 September 1898, he left an estate of more than $225,000 and no written will. His daughter, Jennie (Foster) Kimball, applied to be Administratrix and was granted such. All seemed flush for Jennie until she ordered Henry J. Foster off one of the properties.

Uncle Henry protested and rounded up his siblings to dispossess Jennie. On 25 April 1899 George, Edward, Henry and Maria (Foster) Bennett appeared in court to contest Jennie as a legal heir of the estate on the grounds that her mother, Ellen “Nellie” J. Brown, was never legally married to their brother Oliver. The hearing was set for October 1900.

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