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California family gathers its history in a coast-to-coast collection of Americana

New England furniture and folk art fill the pool house, at the top of a terraced garden overlooking the residence. The four walnut side chairs are from the same set as those in Fig. 17. At the back left is a maple chest-on-chest, Rhode Island or southeastern Massachusetts, 1770-1780. To the right of the fireplace is a Massachusetts dressing table, 1760-1780. The carved and painted giraffe in the center is by Bynum, North Carolina, folk artist Clyde Jones

Fig. 8. Assisted by Philadelphia dealer Elle Shushan, the wife collects portrait miniatures, several of which are seen in this assemblage in the front hallway. She particularly admires likenesses by Connecticut painter James Sanford Ellsworth (1802-1874); visible here are two that are illustrated in Lucy B. Mitchell’s The Paintings of James Sanford Ellsworth, Itinerant Folk Artist, 1802-1873 (1974): a signed and dated 1841 watercolor and graphite portrait of three-year-old Elizabeth Vannenberg (top row second from right) and one of young Edmund Davison of Otis, Massachusetts, seated in a red and green armchair and holding a flower. The watercolor and ink fraktur at bottom right, probably from Lancaster or Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, is inscribed to Barbara Wenger and dated 1830. At the far left is a watercolor and ink birth record for Alfred Stober by the Reverend Henry Young (1792-1861), who was active in Centre County, Pennsylvania, 1830-1860. The Connecticut Windsor side chair, one of a pair, preserves its original black over red paint.

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