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Buffum Family Bible Early Quaker Ties Massachusetts

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  • Joshua Buffum (the son of Robert Buffum, who had come to America in 1638); there’s a notation in the Bible that reads “Joshua Buffum – his book – 1685.”

  • Joshua married Damaris Pope, daughter of Joseph and Gertrude (Shattuck) Pope. Their son Joshua married Elizabeth Beck; and their daughter Elizabeth married John Buxton, son of Joseph and Esther (Southwick) Buxton. (Esther Southwick was the granddaughter of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, whom I’ve written about – see links at the end of this article.)

  • There’s a notation in the Bible that reads “Elizabeth Buffum her bibel [sic] writen [sic] in the year 1723.”

  • Elizabeth and John Buxton’s daughter Abigail married Abner Jones, son of John and Susannah (Fowler) Jones. Abner and his family were Quakers living in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

  • Abigail and Abner’s daughter Sarah married Samuel Fowler, son of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Fowler. A daughter Esther (owner of the Bible in 1875) married Daniel Southwick.

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