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Video Phoebe Klinck Smith Autobiographical Sketch

Author Donna Siemsen

"A Sketch of Phoebe Klinck" was believed to be written from Phoebe's own account and finished by one of her grandchildren who lived in Woodstock, Crystal Lake area. Donna's aunt who is now 82 (2008) and gr-great granddaughter of Phoebe, saw the handwritten account of Phoebe's life and recognized the historical importance and so insisted as adult relative of hers she be able to copy it. After promising to return it, finally it was relinquished to her for short time where in the late 1940s or 1950s she typed up the story on an old typewriter trying to be authentic in how it looked whether correct or not, and now I have a xerox of that 2 page original typed account. Also, I believe this account was used as obit in Crystal Lake newspapers of that day..(Nunda Herald)



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