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The 1st Generation of Philadelphia Biddles & the Scull Family

In this article I focus on Quaker William Biddle III, who married into the Scull family of Pennsylvania. The children born to William Biddle III and Mary Scull would comprise the first major branch of the prominent Philadelphia Biddle line. Read the whole article at Genealogybank blog Biddle-Scull

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Rebecca Free
Rebecca Free
Jan 04, 2022

I have just stumbled upon your blog! I was doing some digging into my own family Genealogy when I fell down the rabbit hole that IS ancestry/genealogy research! LoL I think I may have found a link in my own line to the Biddle family. WHATS EVEN CRAZIER is that my husband and I own Major John Biddles “summer“ home in Wyandotte, Mi! (Oldest home in the city!) I always wanted this home since I was a little girl! I was just drawn to it! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I woul ever actually own it! And now I sit here wondering if I am actually distantly related to the Biddle family….is just blowing my mind!!! I…

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