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Photo Elizabeth Kimball Lord 1785-1871

Elizabeth Kimball (1785-1871) daughter of Caleb* Kimball and Elizabeth Hammond Kimball married Ebenezer Lord (1765-1871) Ipswich, Massachusetts grandmother of Elizabeth Ann Lord (1850-1934) daughter Ebenezer Lord (1811-1861) and Hannah Staniford Ross (1823-1828). Elizabeth Lord married Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth (1843-1898).

*Caleb Kimball served in the Revolution, under Capts. Smith and Dodge, in the regiments commanded by Cols. Little, Wade, Pickering, and Cogswell, and was in service in Long Island, Rhode Island, and at Harlem Heights, White Plains, Princeton, and at the surrender of Burgoyne and his army. From Clasen family private collection California via Melissa Berry donated to Newbury Museum MA

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