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Photo: Albert J Dyer and Hannah Salome Hardy Dyer

Albert J Dyer (1843-1914) Brome Que Canada and Wife Hannah Salome Hardy (1843-1926) daughter of Dr. Samuel Hardy and Prudentia D Coburn (1813-1847) of Cornish Flat, NH. Dr Samuel Hardy (104-1879), son of Tristam Hardy and Kezia Frazer was a manufacturer of medicinal products and produced Hardy's Salve and other patent medicines, starting in 1836. Dr. Hardy's sons, Philemon and Charles, took over the business in 1869. The Hardys produced a variety of patent medicines including Dr. Hardy's Magnetic Pain Destroyer, Dr. Hardy's Magical Pain Destroyer, Dr. Hardy's External Anodyne, Dr. Hardy's Indian Vegetable Worm Powder, Dr. Hardy's Porous Plasters, Dr. Hardy's Capsicum Plasters, Dr. Hardy's Cathartic Electuary, Dr. Hardy's Root and Herb Tonic Bitters, Dr. Hardy's Bitters, and Dr. Hardy's Woman's Friend. From New Hampshire Historical Society

Albert and Hannah are Buried at Fairmount Cemetery Sutton Monteregie Region Quebec, Canada

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