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Old Hopkinton Cemetery Mapping Project

Photo Credit Stan Arnold Find A Grave.

PDF compiled by Alden Mitchell Eagle Scout Project Troop 77, Hopkinton, NH August 2013

Old Hopkinton Cemetery
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Old Hopkinton Cemetery Mapping Project

Project Overview

My project was to map out the oldest sections of the Old Hopkinton Cemetery in Hopkinton,

NH. The problem was that with 1,250 people buried in these sections, and the earliest

headstone dated 1777, there was no easy and accurate way of finding anyone in the cemetery.

If a visitor was looking for an ancestor, they could only be given a general idea of where in the

cemetery their ancestor might be. Each headstone in the area would have to be examined, and

the visitor would have to hope the headstone they were looking for was not unreadable,

broken, or missing. As a result of this project, visitors to the cemetery will now be able to

easily find headstones using maps that I created. In addition, copies of my entire project have

been given to the Hopkinton Cemetery Trustees and the Hopkinton Historical Society.

I started the project by photographing each headstone and assigning each of them a location

based on row and section of the cemetery. I then matched the photographs with burial

records maintained by the Hopkinton Cemetery Trustees and inscriptions (if applicable) from

“Gravestone Inscriptions Of All Cemeteries Within The Township of Hopkinton, New

Hampshire,” compiled by Priscilla Hammond for the Rumford Chapter of the Daughters of the

American Revolution in 1932. Along the way I made various corrections (spelling, dates,

section of the cemetery, etc.) to the burial records. I then created a database which includes

name, date of birth, date of death, section, row, position, inscription, and a photograph of the

headstone. For burials that have taken place since 1932, I entered the inscriptions into the

database. I also created a map of each section to show the relative location of each headstone.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with this project: my family for encouraging and

supporting me throughout the project, the Boy Scouts from Troop 77 for their help measuring

distances and verifying data on several hot summer days, my Troop 77 Leaders for providing

expert guidance and keeping me focused, and the Hopkinton Cemetery Trustees for supplying

the data to get started on the project, and the enthusiasm to complete it.

Alden Mitchell

August 2013

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