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George Washington Gerrish Family Photos

Sarah Hanson Hartford Gerrish with her son, James Gerrish of Sacramento, CA and his family.

Samuel Howard Gerrish (1834-1912) son of William Gerrish and Sarah Hanson Hartford Gerrish.

Sarah Jane Rogers (20 Sep 1835 - 29 Jan 1922), wife of Samuel Howard Gerrish. She is the daughter of Major Thomas Rogers and Sarah Blackman Clapp

George Washington Gerrish (19 Oct 1775 - 27 Jan 1850) son of Capt George Gerrish and Mary James. He was born at Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire married Elizabeth Thompson Furbush on 21 Feb 1799 at Lebanon, Maine. He was Captain of the Military Company of Lebanon. He is the father of William Gerrish husband of Sarah Hanson Hartford Gerrish.

Photos from Douglas G Adams private collection. Adams is the author of  The descendants of Captain William Gerrish and Joanna Lowell : the descendants of Captain Walter Price and Elizabeth Gerrish and Journal of Benjamin Gerrish, Salem, Massachusetts, 1703-1713 See Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers of Newbury

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