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Bartholomew Gosnold New World Adventurer

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

A sketch of the bark the Concord in which Captain Bartholomew Gosnold sailed in 1602 to explore the New England coast by William Avery Baker Courtesy of the Bedford Whaling Museum Massachusetts.

Captain Gosnold (1571-1607) was an English barrister, explorer and privateer who was instrumental in founding the Virginia Company in London and Jamestown in colonial America. He led the first recorded European expedition to Cape Cod. Also see the monument dedication on Cuttyhunk

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Courtesy of Monographsare periodically published by the Cuttyhunk Historical Society, Inc., which serves the Elizabeth Islands Box 181, 23 Tower Hill Road, Cuttyhunk Island, MA 02713

Gosnold and Bacon Genealogy from New England Historical and Genealogical Society by J. Henry Lea 1904

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History of Otley Hall There has been a country residence at Otley Hall since the 12th Century (then known as Netherhall Manor) when the Otteleys were the Lords of the Manor, however, the most noteworthy name in the Hall’s history is the Gosnold family, who resided at Otley Hall for over 230 years from 1440.

Source: Who was Bartholomew Gosnold? Warner F. Gookin

PDF File Bartholomew Gosnold, discoverer and planter: New England--1602, Virginia--1607

Bartholomew Gosnold - Discoverer and Planter
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Les Haskell
Les Haskell

In Edward Everett Hale's "Gosnold at Cuttyhunk" he mentions that Gosnold's ship, the Concord was sent out by the Earl of Southampton, who was William Shakespeare's patron. He also suggests that a crewmate's description of the island was inspiration for Prospero's island in the play The Tempest.

Melissa Davenport Berry
Melissa Davenport Berry

Les, Thank You for the information!

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