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American Lineage of the Duchess of Windsor Bessie Wallis Warfield Spencer Simpson

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Portrait of Wallis Simpson, 1936 Wikipedia

Compiled for Jamestown Descendant Series for GenealogyBank Blog See Part One Jamestown Descendants: Who’s Who

Wallis (1896-1986) was born at Square Cottage, Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, U.S. She became the wife of the former King Edward VIII of Great Britain, who abdicated his throne in order to wed the twice-divorced Wallis. Their romance was one of the most scandalous relationships in the world.

Edward’s intention to marry her while he was still king created a constitutional crisis (the marriage would not have received the approval of the Royal Family nor the Church of England), so he quit being king to become her husband. Instead of being king, he became the Duke of Windsor, and she the Duchess of Windsor.

Edward VIII had a thing for American blood beauties who sprang from the convenient marriages of the British aristocracy to American heiresses.

Before he took up with Wallis here are just a few Edward coupled with:

  • Mrs. Dudley Ward, born Winifred May Birkin, daughter of British Colonel Charles Wilfred Birkin and his American heiress wife, Claire Lloyd Howe, daughter of Alexander Cummings Howe and Ada Webb. At the time of her affair with Edward she was married to William Dudley Ward.

  • Lady Alexandra Naldera Metcalfe born to George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston and Viceroy of India and his wife, the American mercantile heiress, Mary Leiter, daughter of Levi Leiter and Mary Theresa Carver. At the time of the affair Lady Alexander was married to Edward Dudley Metcalfe, a close friend of Edward.

  • And the most significant mistress significant mistress Viscountess Thelma (nee Morgan) Furness, wife of Marmaduke Furness and the aunt to Gloria Vanderbilt.

Montague Lineage:

  • Bessie Wallis Warfield, Duchess of Windsor (1896-1968) married 1st Earl Winfield Spencer JR., 2nd Ernest Aldrich Simpson, and 3rd Albert David Windsor, King Edward VIII, and later Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor.

  • Teackle Wallis Warfield and Alice Mary Montague {married 2nd John Freeman Rasin, and 3rd Charles Gordon Allen}

  • William Latane Montague and Sallie Howard Love, daughter of Thomas Love and Frances Imogene Presbury, daughter of George Goldsmith Presbury and Sarah Howard. Thomas Love son of Thomas Love and Martha Worthington.

  • Henry Brown Montague and Mary Ann Moody daughter of John Moody and Elizabeth Laird Price

  • John Montague and Rebecca Brown daughter of John Brown and Ann Lee Miles

  • Thomas Montague and Jane Daniel, daughter of Charles Daniel and Jane Mickelborough

  • Thomas Montague and Grace Nicholson, daughter of William Nicholson and Grace Lewis

  • Peter Montague and Elizabeth Merry daughter of Rev. Thomas Merry

  • Peter Montague and Mary Doodes/Minor see Minor descent

  • Peter Montague and Cecily {purported nee Reynolds} See Peter Montague Grave Monument in Lancaster Virginia

Warfield Line:

  • Bessie Wallis Warfield

  • Teackle Wallis Warfield and Alice Mary Montague

  • Henry Mactier Warfield and Anna Emory daughter of Richard Emory and Anna Gittings, daughter of Archibald Gittings and Elizabeth Bosley/ Anna Emory daughter of Thomas Lane Emory and Elizabeth Hopewell

  • Henry Warfield and Nancy Ann Mactier

  • Benjamin Warfield and Ann Dorsey

  • Seth Warfield and Mary Rogers Gathier

  • Richard Warfield and Marian Caldwell

  • John Warfield and Ruth Gathier

  • Richard Warfield and Elinor Browne

  • John Warfield and Rachel Clarke

Style Magazine Article 1981 PDF The woman Who would Be Queen

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