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Peter Montague Grave Monument in Lancaster Virginia

Peter Montague Monument photo courtesy of Miner Descent


"In Memory of Our Pioneer Ancestor.


Born in England,


Died ln Lancaster County, Virginia,


Emigrated in Company with Sir Francis Wyatt,

On ship 'Charles.' Landed at Jamestown 1621.

He Soon Became Influential in the Colony, and Represented Lancaster County

ln the House of Burgesses 1651-1658

Erected October, 1903."

Peter Montague Jamestown Colony Virginia settler marker was placed in the Ball family burial site. More explanation below from newspapers and genealogy research. When the monument was unveiled the address was given by the Governor of Virginia, Andrew Jackson Montague–sixth great grandson of Peter Montague. The grave site is now maintained by the Montague Memorial Association. There is a publication bu Robert V. Montague Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine Vol 60, 7327-7332 (2010) at the Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library.

From Richmond Times-Dispatch 25 Jul 1903, Sat · Page 2

From Richmond Times-Dispatch 23 Dec 1903, Wed · Page 10

From the The Times Dispatch Sunday, Aug 30, 1908 Richmond, VA Page: 12

More information is provided in "History and genealogy of Peter Montague, of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, Virginia, and his descendants, 1621-1894" by George William Monatgue.


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