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A Poem and Brief History on Browne's Hall Danvers Massachusetts

Illustration from Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, Browne's Hill, formerly called Long Hill and Leach's Hill. See PDF Below

The Hill by Ezra D. Hines

"I left the valley far, far behind,

As ever upward the pathway led,

Past gray stone walls, where the ivy twined,

And the elms a grateful coolness shed.

Till at last I've reached the highest point,

And before me the landscape stretches wide,

And eastward or westward the eye may seek,

Yet find no bound to restrain its pride.

While nearer along the valley green,

Full many a village meets the eye,

And here and there, the silver sheen

Of a brooklet mirrors the arching sky.

Upon thy summit, how serene

And beautiful the widespread scene!

The distant hills in calm repose,

In kingly garb of purple robe,

And lake, and stream, and woodland make

A picture that will never fade."

PDF Essex Institute view on Page 201

Historical_Collections_of_the_Essex_Inst 1896
Download PDF • 24.27MB

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