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1780 Payment for Stephen Davenport of Connecticut, Signed by Abraham Davenport

Abraham Davenport (1715 – November 20, 1789), born in Stanford, Conn., son of John Davenport (1668-1730) and Elizabeth Morris (1675-1757). He was the grandson of Rev. John Davenport (1597-1669/70), co-founder and pastor of the Colony of New Haven.

(Image source: Ralph Earl, painter (1788), Yale University Art Gallery)

Committee of the Pay Table in Connecticut (also known as the Committee of Four during the Revolutionary War), was responsible for handling military finances. The office changed names in 1788, becoming the Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Davenport was Judge of the Fairfield County Court at Fairfield and Danbury from 1768 until his death in 1789.

This receipt is from Heritage Collectors Society. December 2, 1780: Payment to Stephen Davenport, deceased 26 pounds, seven shillings, and six pence. Signed by Abraham Davenport. A transcription is as follows:

"12/2/1780 Hartford Connecticut, rec'd of the Pay Table Committee, their order on the treasurer of this state, to secure the payment of 26 pounds 7 shillings 6 pence, the balance due to Stephen Davenport, Dec'd., on the first day of January last. Received for Mr. [John/Jonathan?]  Davenport, Adm. the said Stephen Davenport, 26 pounds 7 shillings 6 pence by Abraham Davenport."

I propose this is Stephen Davenport (1752-1777), son of John Davenport (1724-1756) and Deborah Ambler (1726-1807), and grandson of John Davenport (1666-1742) and Sarah Bishop. Brother John Davenport (1749-1820), administrator, married (1st) Prudence Bell and (2nd) Sarah Gaylord. I found a Stephen Davenport, schoolteacher, but I am not sure of his service record. A big thanks to Jane Wallace Wild for helping with this transcription. The family lived at "Davenport Ridge," Stamford Connecticut. 

Davenport Ridge, Stamford. (A Supplement to the History and Genealogy of the Davenport family, in England and America, from A. D. 1086 to 1850.)

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