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Within Patriarchy Gender and Power in Massachusetts’s Congregational Churches 1630-1730

Image from Church Under a Tree: The Founding of the First Church in Dedham, Massachusetts blog

This PDF is from Deborah Colleen McNally--2013 dissertation Univ. of Washington

Just to name a few of the surnames: Tufts, Mather, Symmes, Thacher, Eliot, Danforth, Upshall, Gould, Curwin, Gibbs, Scott, Rocke, Usher, Davis, Wiswell, Allen, Hutchinson, Raynsford, Wilson, Davenport, Norton, Hutchinson, Proctor, Bradbury, Phipp, Stoughton, Barton, Holton, Elliott, Raymond, Low, Burnam, Goodhue, Hoar, Buckley, Hale, Noyes, Epes, and Emerson.

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