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Within Patriarchy Gender and Power in Massachusetts’s Congregational Churches 1630-1730

Image from Church Under a Tree: The Founding of the First Church in Dedham, Massachusetts blog

This PDF is from Deborah Colleen McNally--2013 dissertation Univ. of Washington

Just to name a few of the surnames: Tufts, Mather, Symmes, Thacher, Eliot, Danforth, Upshall, Gould, Curwin, Gibbs, Scott, Rocke, Usher, Davis, Wiswell, Allen, Hutchinson, Raynsford, Wilson, Davenport, Norton, Hutchinson, Proctor, Bradbury, Phipp, Stoughton, Barton, Holton, Elliott, Raymond, Low, Burnam, Goodhue, Hoar, Buckley, Hale, Noyes, Epes, and Emerson.

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My family tree work covering my husband’s side as well as mine contains so many of these family names! I have a Family Tree file of my work and would like to start working again on genealogy now that I have moved to Connecticut. I am nearing 82 and could use some help. Any suggestions to find that assistance? Mostly need computer help to get my files reloaded and then do on the ground visits to areas where descendants arrived in the 1620’s forward and the key parts I know they took on in governance and society at large.

Linda N Hutchinson

Replying to

Hi Linda I just came across this comment do you still need help with research? You can email me at Thanks Melissa Berry

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