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Winston Churchill and his American Blood Lines

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill from Wikipedia

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill (1849-1895) and Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome (1854-1921) daughter of Leonard Walter Jerome (1817-1891) and Clarissa Hall (1825-1895)

Jerome Line:

Isaac Jerome (1786-1866) m. Aurora Murray (1785-1867) daughter of Lt. Ruebun Murray and Sarah Guthrie

Aaron Jerome (1764-1802) and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ball (1765-1827) daughter of Lebbeus Ball and Thankful Stow

Samuel Jerome (1728-1796) and Lucy Foster (1732-1796) daughter of Thomas Foster and Mary Clark

Timothy Jerome (1728-1796) and Abigail Rich (1687-1771) daughter of Nicholas Rich and Abigail Green

Hall Line:

Ambrose Hall JR. (1774-1827) and Clarissa Wilcox (1796-1827) daughter of David Wilcox and Anna Baker

Ambrose Hall (1735-1800) and Mehitable Beach (1749-1807) daughter of John Beach and Rebecca Berry*

Thomas Hall (1712-1800) and Lydia Curtis (1714-1777) daughter of Nathaniel Curtis and Sarah Howe

Thomas Hall (1676-1752) and Abigail Atwater (1685-1741) daughter of John Atwater and Abigail Mansfield

Thomas Hall (1649-1711) and Grace Watson (1653-1731) daughter of Edward Watson and Grace ?

John Hall (1605-1676) and Jane Woolen (1620-1690)

* From "Witchcraft Trials of Connecticut" Page 72 Churchill's ancestor John Beach married Hannah Staples who was accused of witchcraft in

Murray Line:

Howland Line:

  • Henry Howland and Margaret

  • Arthur Howland and 1st wife Grace see Notes on John Howland

  • Deborah Howland and John Smith

  • Hassadiah Smith and Jonathan Russell

  • Deborah Russell and Benjamin Allen

  • Dorothy Allen and William Wilcox

  • William Wilcox and Sarah Smith

  • David Wilcox and Anne Barker

  • Clarisse Wilcox and Ambrose Hall

  • Clarissa Hall and Leonard Walter Jerome

  • Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome and Lord Randolph Henry Spercer-Churchill

  • Sir Winston Churchill

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