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Winslow Brewster Standish Plymouth Patriot and Mayflower Pilgrim Descendant

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Photo: a street view of Plymouth, Massachusetts, including the “Old Curiosity Shop” operated by Winslow Brewster Standish, taken by Edward P. McLaughlin, Plymouth Collection. Courtesy of Public Library, Digital Commonwealth.

Winslow was a seventh-generation lineal descendant of Mayflower passenger Myles Standish. Other Pilgrims in his tree include George Soule, John Alden, and Pricilla Mullens.


  • Winslow Brewster Standish

  • Joshua Standish Jr. and Mary Shaw (other children listed below)

  • Joshua Standish and Susannah Cobb

  • Moses Standish II and Mary Eddy

  • Moses Standish and Rachel Cobb, great granddaughter of George Soule

  • Ebenezer Standish and Hannah Sturtevant

  • Alexander Standish and Sarah Alden, daughter of John Alden and Pricilla Mullins

  • Myles Standish and Barbara [surname unknown]


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