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Will of Abolitionists Francis Jackson--Leaves Coadjutors in the Anti-slavery Cause Gifts of Money

Recently I published a story on Genealogybank blog Brave Abolitionists on New England’s Underground Railroad Part 1

One abolitionist was Francis Jackson son of Major Timothy Jackson and Sarah Winchester of Boston (Wikipedia image above) A large amount of his property has been bequeathed directly to persons who have long been in his coadjutors in the anti-slavery cause, and for the advancement of the cause of freedom. He gave $100 each {3,158.00 today} to Stephen Symonds Foster, Charles Calistus Burleigh, Parker Pillsbury, Lucy Stone, Lydia Maria Child, Oliver Johnson, Charles Lenox Remond, Charles K. Whipple, and Robert F. Wallcutt as a token of esteem for their fidelity to moral principle and their devotion to the cause of human freedom. For a like reason he gives to William Lloyd Garrison the sum of $5,000 {$167,438 today} to be used in support to himself and wife and the education of his son Francis {Jackson} Garrison…

He left additional funds for Wendall Phillips to oversee for the abolition of slavery, advancement of higher education for freed slaves, and to the women’s aid fund to secure the right to vote. Image of will below.

Stephen Symonds Foster (1809-1881) born in Canterbury, New Hampshire to Sarah and Asa Foster.

Charles Calistus Burleigh (1810-1878) born in Plainfield, Connecticut, to Rinaldo Burleigh and Lydia Bradford.

Parker Pillsbury (1809-1898) born in Hamilton, Massachusetts to Oliver Pillsbury and Anna Smith.

Lucy Stone (1818-1893) born in Massachusetts to Francis Stone and Hannah Matthews

Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880) born in Medford, Massachusetts to David Convers Francis and Susannah Rand.

Oliver Johnson (1809-1889) born in Peacham, Vermont to Ziba Johnson and Sally Lincoln.

Charles Lenox Remond (1810-1813) born in Salem, Massachusetts to Charles Remond and Nancy Lenox

Charles King Whipple (1808-1900) born in Newburyport, Massachusetts to Charles Whipple and Mary (Polly) King.

Robert F Wallcut (1797-1884) born in Nantucket, Massachusetts to Benjamin Wallcut and Elizabeth Howes

Wendell Phillips (1811-1884) born in Boston, Massachusetts, to John Phillips and Sarah Walley

William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879) born in Newburyport, Massachusetts to Abijah Garrison and Frances Maria Lloyd.

From Genealogybank Lowell Daily Citizen and News Thursday, Nov 28, 1861 Lowell, MA Vol: XI Issue: 1712 Page: 2

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