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Video Plymouth, Newport, and Provincetown, Cape Cod 1920

Credit: Christopher Seufert.

The original catalog description provided by the Ford Motor Company reads as follows: “Plymouth, Newport, and Provincetown.” “Plymouth.” “Old Plymouth with its rockbound harbor and Plymouth Rock on which the Pilgrims landed on December 21, 1620.” View of shore area of Plymouth, Plymouth Rock with stone monument over it, tourists. “Forefathers monument in Plymouth.” Views of monument. “Making the Treaty.” View of relief showing Pilgrims making treaty with Indians. “Landing of the Pilgrims.” Relief showing Pilgrims landing. “Pilgrim Hall.” Stone building with sign, ‘Pilgrim Hall,’ cars, tourists. “The home John Winslow built in 1730.” House on corner of street, pedestrian and vehicular traffic. “Main Street.” Panoramic view of street, horse-drawn cart, streetcar, pedestrians. “Plymouth Rock.” Stone monument over rock - close-up of rock, boys clambering over it. “Cole Hill.” Man walking up stone stairs on hillside. “The first street in New England.” Car moving down street past white house. “The first church site.” View of church. “Site of First Meeting House.” Cars parked on street in front of building, pedestrians. “Church of the Pilgrimage.” Panoramic view of church. “‘Land Where Our Fathers Died.’ Where the Pilgrims were buried.” Cemetery. “This picture will surprise the lady with the umbrella. She held it up so the camera man could not photograph the old Howland House.” Old house, woman with umbrella in yard - woman holding umbrella over sign, ‘Howland House.’ “Newport.” “Newport, the Golden, is rock bound. So is the social set that inhabits Newport. The shore line.” Rocky shore - view of walk leading to large mansion. “The Old Stone Mill. Its age is unknown.” View of ruins - close-up of tourists looking at ruins. “Washington Square.” Square in town, pedestrian and vehicular traffic. “Years ago this jail had no locks.” Old house in town. “Channing Memorial Church.” “Colony House.” “Gold-lined Bellevue Ave.” Business and residential sections of avenue, pedestrian, vehicular traffic - large mansion through entry gate - views of different large homes - castle-like house - houses. “Provincetown.” “The Pilgrims first landed at Provincetown.” Aerial view of town and harbor. “Looking toward Long Point, where they landed.” Aerial view of harbor. “Provincetown.” Aerial panorama of town. “Pilgrim’s monument.” Tall tower-like monument. [1920]

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