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Video Danvers Historical Society: Marching to Menotomy and Honoring Patriots Day

Dave McKenna, otherwise known as Ensign Eleazer Goodale will be demonstrating how the militia prepared for battle on the training field. Learn about the attire, the timing of the volley, the form of how they marched, and learn about some of the names on the memorial stones. Danvers Historical Society

Seven Men Slain Capt. Gideon Fosters’ Danvers Minutemen suffered the most casualties: Henry Jacobs, 22; Samuel Cook, 22; Ebenezer Goldthwait, 22; George Southwick, 25; Benjamin Daland Jr., 25 and Captain Israel Hutchinson’s Minutemen from Danversport lost Perley Putnam, 21; Jotham Webb, 22.


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