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Uncovering the Identity of a Northern Shenandoah Valley Cabinetmaking

Figure 77. Tall Case Clock. Winchester, Virginia, c. 1812-1815. Signed by G. Chandlee, Winchester. Walnut, secondary wood unknown. H 96 ¾. Reproduced from Edward E. Chandlee, Six Quaker Clockmakers (Stratford, CT: The New England Publishing Company, 1975), 128-129.

This PDF file Patricia Long-Jarvis B.A. in Art History, December 1980, Scripps College

A Thesis submitted to The Faculty of The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

of The George Washington University in partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the degree of Master of Arts January 8, 2021 Thesis directed by

Oscar P. Fitzgerald Adjunct Professional Lecturer of Decorative Arts & Design History

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Quaker cabinetmakers SV
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