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Tristram Coffin's Descendants. Grand Reunion Of The Family At The Ancient Homestead 1881

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

From Nantucket Historical Association--Read PDF Article File Below The 1881 Coffin Reunion that engendered interest in the homestead of Jethro and Mary Coffin led to a search for the house site of Tristram Coffin (1609–81), one of the original proprietors and the progenitor of the Coffin family in America

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Read Something Old, Something New – By God’s Grace, We Will Always Have Brew!

Times-Picayune Thursday, Sep 01, 1881 New Orleans, LA Page: 10 mentions John. P Coffin, Isaac Coffin, Levi Coffin, Lucretia Mott, Captain George G. Coffin, James A. Coffin, Selden J. Coffin, Robert B. Coffin, and Charles Coffin.

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