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The Ogdens of America and Allied Families

Ogden family, Bartram family, Cuthbert family, Horne family, Long family, Street family, Townsend family.

Ogden Family Papers, 1729-1935 Sixteen items and one account book were given by the Stratfield Historical Society (donated to them by Mr. and Mrs. Feduick). Seventy-nine papers, mostly Hezekiah Ogden, were donated by Grace V. Bulkley in September 1984 (L84.52).

Members of the Ogden family, headed by James and Mary Odgen, lived in Manchester, England. Their children Thomas Ogden (d. 1787), Titus Ogden (d. 1793), and Isaac Ogden (d. 1785) emigrated from Manchester to North America circa 1770, where they settled in New Bern, N.C., and became successful landowners and merchants. Titus Odgen later moved to Philadelphia, Pa., and then to Tennessee, where he died in 1793. Titus Ogden was a paymaster to the troops and of Native American annuities; he was present at the 1791 signing of the Treaty of Holston with the Cherokees in Philadelphia. The collection contains letters, legal documents, and other papers related to the Ogden family of Manchester, England, and New Bern, N.C. Included are six letters, 1773-1783, written by brothers Thomas, Titus, and Isaac Ogden to their parents James and Mary Ogden following the brothers' emigration from Manchester to New Bern. Topics include trade operations, the brothers' acclimation to North America and North Carolina, and the political unrest leading to and the impacts of the Revolutionary War. Also included are several 19th-century documents, among them wills, certificates, and other agreements concerning members of the Ogden family, as well as two folders of genealogical materials.

Papers of Charles Smith Ogden, a Philadelphia Quaker businessman, genealogist, and civic leader. 1732-1938 link

Read at Family Search "The Quaker Ogdens in America : David Ogden of ye goode ship "Welcome" and his descendants, 1682-1897, their history, biography and genealogy." edited by Ogden Wheeler (1837-1900)

Bridgeton Evening News Wednesday, Apr 12, 1911 Bridgeton, NJ Page:6

Obituary for Charles Burr Ogden mentions Samuel Ogden, John Ogden, Samuel Ogden, John Sharpless, William Smith Brooks, Louisa Cicily, Georgie Lufburrow Morris.

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