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Stephen Hopkins Plymouth Colony Sources

Video "Eastham Historical Society: Stephen Hopkins is My Name is Stephen Hopkins." Hear the tale of Mayflower traveler Stephen Hopkins as recreated by the Eastham Historical Society. The year 2020 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's landing in Massachusetts Bay.

Some sources for Stephen Hopkins Mayflower Passenger and his family.

Who Was Stephen Hopkins? Jamestown Society

"How The Survivors of the Mayflower Voyage Embraced and Raised Orphan Children." Ceci Picard Virginia Mayflower Society 2017

2017 picard essay How the Survivors on Mayflower Emraced and Raised Orphan Children
Download PDF • 334KB

"Stephen Hopkins Descendants" Whitney Durand

Stephen Hopkins Descendants
Download PDF • 1.08MB

PDF Seventeenth Century Documents Plymouth Hall Museum

Download PDF • 136KB

PDF "The Hopkins and The Browns: How Family Embodies History." by Elizabeth S. Brown

Hopkins and Brown Families
Download PDF • 3.86MB

Mayflower Families Across Generations

Download PDF • 16.99MB

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