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Snow Shoe Men Band of Massachusetts 1705-1709

In researching Joseph Mayo of Newbury I discovered he was in Captain Thomas Noyes North Regiment a company aka the “Snowshoe men” formed for Indian war service 1705-9. I found a list of them in some of old history books and The Colonial Dames publication and some news clips. Amesbury/Salisbury also had one and many other New England Towns.

Richard Brown SR

James Smith

Hugh March

James Coffin

Joshua Smith

Stephen Dole

Jonathan Plummer

William Salmon

Joshua Moody

Edward Richardson

Anthony Somerby

Nathaniel Coffin

John Woodbridge

Benjamin Woodbridge

Daniel Merrill

Abraham Lunt

Archelaus Woodman

Moses Chase

Aquilla Chase

Peter Godfrey

Edward Poor

Cutting Moody

William Titcomb

Richard Knight

James Freez

Benjamin Morse

Timothy Merrick

John Worth

John Snickney

Joseph Mayo

Ichabod Woodman

Joseph Pike

David Cheney

Tristram Greenleaf

Abel Huse

John Emery

Nathaniel Hill

Isaac Annis

Ezra Rolfe

Hananiah Ordway

Joshua Boyton

Daniel Thurston

John Pettingell

Thomas Clarke

Stephen Swett

Robert Adams

John Calfe

Joseph Downer

Benjamin Pearson

Nathaniel Atikinson

John Emery

Nathaniel Rolfe

John Dole

Joseph Poor

John Weed

Robert Rogers

Daniel Pilsbury

Henry Hale

Samuel Sawyer

Caleb Pilsbury

Thomas Moody

Enoch Little

John Sewell

Edward Sergant

Corpll Brown

Abraham Toppan

William Noyes

Nathan Merrill

James Ordway

Richard Knight John Hale Stephen Sayer Joseph Gerish Edmund Greenleaf Richard Jackman William Dole Richard Bartlet John March Samuel Bartlet John Pike John Merrill Richard Dummer John Kelly Geo. Thurlow Francis Clemons Collin Fraizer Henry Short

Thomas Hale

Jacob Toppan

Joshua Bailey

Isaac Bailey

Joshua Moody

John Bartlett

William Moulton

John Weed

Robert Rogers

Benayah Titcomb

Nathaniel Wheeler

Nathaniel Badger

Richard Kent

Henry Jaques

Henry Dresser Servant to Decon Nathaniel Coffin

Elias Titcomb Son to William Titcomb

Samuel Wood Servant to Joshua Moode

Thomas Chase

James Brickit

Ebenezer Barton

Moses Richardson

Israel Adams

Daniel Roberson Servant to John Noyes

Lawrance Hart Servant to Mr John Calef

Ebenezer Burbank

William Herdy

Jacob Herdy

Samuel Silver

Thomas Harvey

William Fowler

Thomas Sargent

John Challis

Ephraim Weed

John Martone

John Foot

John Hunt

Charles Sargent

John Kimball

Thomas Colby

Ephraim Blaisdell

Joseph Sargent

Richard Currier

John Colby

Richard Goodwin

Samuel Goodwin

Joseph Kimball

Benoney Tucker

Jeremiah Fowler

Samuel Gove

Tristram Barnard

John Nichols

Henry Russell

John Bushnall

Samuel Hadley

Robert Hovey

William Pressey

Francis George

Samuel Barnard

Thomas Hoyt

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Elaine Brown
Elaine Brown
Feb 09, 2021

Interesting article on life in Amesbury at that time. I see a few Colby's listed. I'd be interested in the John Colby if he was my ancestor John Colby who was born and died in Amesbury - 1675 to 1717. His Father Sgt John Colby also lived in Amesbury and died 1719.

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