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Sarah Alice Huntington

Sarah Alice Huntington (b. 1850) daughter of Daniel Huntington and Sarah Whitridge Huntington. Donated her ancestral home to the Quaker Society of Friends. See A Genealogical Memoir of the Huntington Family in this Country: Embracing All the Known Descendants of Simon and Margaret Huntington, who Have Retained the Family Name

Daniel Huntington son of  Moses Huntington and Hannah Page was born March 1806 married December 17 January 1844 in North Berwick Me Sarah Whitridge daughter of Jedediah Whitridge and Esther Osborne Estes She was born in North Berwick Me May 29 1809. Daniel was a farmer and belonged to the Society of Friends. He died in Amesbury Mass January 24 1887 His wife died on August 25 1902 Mr Huntington Purchased in 1845 the homestead of Captain Valentine Baglev the hero of the Captain's Well by John G Whittier The old well is still to be seen on the place The house is now called The Huntington Home and is a home for the New England Friends or Quakers a portion of it being occupied by Miss Sarah Alice only daughter of Daniel She Gives This property at her death to the Quakers Association

See The Huntington Family in America: A Genealogical Memoir of the Known Descendants of Simon Huntington from 1633 to 1915, Including Those who Have Retained the Family Name, and Many Bearing Other Surnames

October 19, 1961 Article

The house now is the location of Amesbury Animal Hospital

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