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Ring made by Jeremiah Dummer at Winterthur Museum

Ring made by silversmith Jeremiah Dummer (1645-1718) Mark; Ring, interior; "ID" stamped in a rectangle "Iames LLoyd . Obyt. 21.Aug.\t..1693" engraved. Gift of Mrs. George L. Batchelder For more info visit the Winterthur Museum Archives Online

Jeremiah is the son of Newbury, Massachusetts Richard Dummer----Jeremiah's works are today highly valued, two items of his having sold in 2004 and 2007 both for $204,000. He was also noted as a portrait painter and as an engraver, who created the first paper currency in Connecticut Colony. His son Jeremiah Jr. was involved with the foundation of Yale University.

"Jeremiah Dummer Newly Discovered Painter of the Puritans." Article 1921 New York Times PDF Part 1

Download PD • 448KB

Article 1921 New York Times PDF Part 2

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