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Quakers in Early Falmouth and Portland Maine 1740 - 1850

Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, Corner of Federal and Pearl Streets Portland, Maine. Famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison started the Maine anti-slavery movement with a speech given here in 1832. Garrison advocated "immediate emancipation without compensation" to the slave-owners instead of colonizing free African Americans to Liberia. In 1836, Portland's first anti-slavery riot occurred here during an anti-slavery speech by Henry Brewster Stanton. The meeting house was attacked again in 1847 when abolitionists Garrison, Frederick Douglass and Charles Lenox Remond attempted to lecture. Anti-slavery women successfully protected the speakers. Credit: Historical Marker Data Base

Published by author: Wayne Cobb 2018 second print James Winslow and the Origins of the

Portland Society of Friends 2019

Quakers in Early Falmouth and Portland Maine 1740 - 1850.
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