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Quaker Archives The commonplace book of Emily Jermyn Letters

The commonplace book of Emily Jermyn features hand copied excerpts

from manuscripts in the Friends Reference Library, London. It is largely

comprised of the letters and journal entries, religious in nature, of the

following Quakers: Christopher Taylor, Henry Fell, Bridget Fell, Margaret

Fell, John Rous, John Abraham, Leonard Fell, Ann Cleaton, Edward

Burrough, Thomas Taylor, James Nayler, George Fox, Francis Howgill,

Gervase Benson, John Lawson, Mary Pease, Joshua Nicholson, Thomas

Salthouse, and Mary Fisher. Emily Jermyn commonplace book (HC.MC.975.03.021)

Quaker & Special Collections, Haverford College, Haverford, PA.

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