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Photos: Mary Blankinship Thomas and Francis Elihu Dyer

Francis Elihu Dyer (1830-1866) son of Christopher Dyer and Betsey Porter Abington, Massachusetts. He married Mary Blankinship Thomas (1832-1884)

Mary Blankinship Thomas (1832-1884) daughter of William Thomas and Abigail Clark, wife of Francis Elihu Dyer Rochester New York. After Elihu's death, Mary married 2nd Henry Luther Edwards (1822-1903) son of Luther Edwards (a descendant of Alexander Edwards, one of the early settlers of Northampton, Mass.) and Rachel Searle. October 16, 1867, at South Abington, Massachusetts From Necrology published by Andover Theological Seminary. Alumni Association.

Photos from private collection Gorman family

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