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Photo Site of the fulling mill built by Thomas Macy to process raw wool

Thomas Macy Mill Massachusetts courtesy of Library of Congress.

Thomas Macy arrived in America about 1635 and settled in Newbury, Massachusetts. In 1640, he was granted land in Salisbury, Massachusetts five miles up the Merrimack River. By 1649, Macy had move across the Powow River to ‘Salisbury New Town’ (later Amesbury). He became overseer of Amesbury’s schools in 1652; deputy to the General Court in 1654; the first town clerk in 1655, and a signer of the Articles of Agreement for the town of Amesbury in 1658.

About 1649, Macy built a house on what is now the Macy-Colby House property. He sold this house to Anthony Colby in 1654 and Macy moved his family to the center of Amesbury, where he built a new saw mill.

In the fall of 1659, Thomas Macy and his family moved to Nantucket. He died in April 1682

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