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Photo & Obit of Benjamin Parker 1906 Vermont

Benjamin Parker (1811-1906) son of Henry Parker (1783-1812) and Nancy Robinson (1781-1854) married Elizabeth Fullam (1815-1895) of Painfield, NH. Children: Henry James Parker (1836-1897) m. Adelaide Putnam; Sarah Jane Parker; Francis Fullam Parker (1841-1908) m. Elizabeth Denison; Barney W Parker (1843-1963) died Gettysburg, PA; Sardine Gilson Parker (1845-1927) m. Eliza Ann Gould and 2nd Emma M Piper. Note: Photo of Henry James at the end of obit

Photo from "Men of Vermont" Henry James Parker m Adelaide Putnam (1834-1912) daughter of Timothy Putnam and Emily Eaton

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