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Photo Dartmouth College Baseball Team Hanover, NH 1890

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Watson, George Marshall, Heath, Albert Cheney, Thompson, Walter Stephen, Bradish, Frederick Tilson, Knight, Harold Warren, Anderson, Christian Peder, Kendall, Nathan, Humphreys, Clifton Stewart, Hartshorn, Edward. Dartmouth College Photographic Files

Folder 0117, Baseball Teams 1900-1910 "Notes on back indicate than when names were written on photo ""Kid"" Knight '89 and ""Chris"" Anderson '89 were both deceased.; 1890 Reserve Team - [Left to Right] Back Row: Watson '91, Heath '91, Thompson '92, Bradish '89. Middle Row: ""Kid"" Knight '89, ""Chris"" Anderson '89, Nate Kendall '89, Cliff Humphreys '90. Front Row: Hartshorn '92, ? '91." Watson, George Marshall. Baseball Teams 1900-1910, 1890. Digital by Dartmouth Library.


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