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Photo and Obit Charles William Davenport and Diana Berry

Charles William Davenport (1830-1891) son of merchant and mayor of Newburyport Moses Davenport (1806-1861) and Mary Ann Laird (1807-1888) married Diana Berry (1830-1907) daughter of John Berry (1803-1875) and Polly Thomas (1798-1877) of Vermont. Photo of Charles William Davenport courtesy of James Zafris whose great grandmother, Eunice Berry (1828-1897), sister to Diana Berry Davenport. Eunice also was in Newburyport and married to Samuel Chester Russell (1820-1884) son of Samuel Perkins Russell and Nancy Knight.

Photo of Dianna Berry Davenport daughter of John Berry (1803-1875) and Polly Thomas (1798-1877) of Vermont. Courtesy of James Zafris 

The Berry line from Vermont can be traced back to Captain William Berry (1605-1654) and Jane Hermins (1614-1687) first settlers of Rye Beach and Portsmouth NH.

Mary Ann Laird was daughter of Robert Laird who owned a brewery in Newburyport 

Charles Davenport was in the dry goods business and served as deputy collector and inspector of the Port from 1886-1891. He was in the Cushing Guards, members of the Board of Aldermen. 

From History of Newburyport, Mass: 1764-1905, Volume 1-- John James Currier and Official Register of the United StatesBy United States Civil Service Commission

The newspapers archives record Charles as a fireman volunteer, known as the Agile Fire Association.

Charles and Diana lived on Fruit Street in Newburyport and their business was located at 22 State Street. 

Charles was the grandson of Newburyport ship merchant, John Davenport(1776-1817) and Tabitha Russell (1778-1855). 

John was son of Anthony Davenport (1752-1836) and Elizabeth Woodburn (1756-1785).

The family owned the Wolfe Tavern in Newburyport opened by Anthony's father, Captain William Davenport (1717-1773) and his mother Sarah Gerrish (1730-1802). The family papers are housed at the Peabody Essex Library---MSS 163, Phillips Library. 

A note came through from Norma Berry Williams, Curator; Archivist Thank you Melissa Berry, the Sheffield Historical Society thanks you

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