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Peatfield Family Photo 1898 Ipswich Massachusetts

Ipswich, Dec. 13, 1898 ~ A more deeply afflicted household than that of Wilbur F Ellsowrth would be difficult to find.  The illness of several of its members was reported last week. In two cases, that of Mr Ellsworth and that of Mrs Sarah Lord Cook, the illness has resulted fatally.  Mr Ellsworth died at 2o'clock on Monday morning, the end coming almost instantly, and when the watchers beside his bed thought the worst was over.  He simply stopped breathing.  Like all the others he was a sufferer of pneumonia.  Mrs [Elizabeth Lord] Ellsworth lies weak and illof the same disease, not knowing of her husband's illness and death.   Mrs. Cook's death preceded her brother-in-law's by 12 hours and took place at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.  She came from her home in Wenham to assist her sister, Mrs Ellsworth, in the care of the son who died two weeks ago tomorrow.  She was not feeling well at the time and was soon obliged to give up helping and her sister and go to her brother's next door where she died.  Before her marriage with Mr Cook of Wenham, she was Miss Sarah Bickford Lord.  She leaves a husband and eight children, six of whom are very young.  She was born in Ipswich 45 years ago and was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Eban Lord.  Of her early family two sisters and two brothers are still living.  They are Mrs Fred O Hart, and Mrs Ellsworth (now lying almost at death's door) Thomas R Lord and Eben Lord.  Mrs. Cook's funeral will be held from her home in Wenham on Wednesday.  Wilbur Fiske Ellsworth was born in Ipswich March 30, 1843, and has spent his whole life here, living quietly and simply in the fear of God and in love and charity with all mankind.  He was the fourth son of the venerable Benjamin N Ellsworth to whom he was extremely devoted.  Of a quiet home loving nature, he was seldom tempted to take part in any outside affairs,.  for several years he was a faithful member of the fire department, and at the time of his death, belonged to the Veteran's Fire Association. He was an excetioanlly kind husband and neighbor and ready always to do a favor, no matter how unpleasant or disagreeable the doing may have been.  He leaves a wife and six children, two girls and four boys, three of the latter being under 10 years of age.  He is the second son that Capt Benjamin Ellsworth has buried within the past twenty months.  Two sisters and five brothers  are left of the once large family; Miss Susan T Ellsworth who resides with her father at the lighthouse; MissMary Ellsowrth of Wellington, John Elssowrth of Salem, Capt. Thomas Ellsworth of Peabody, Jason Ellsworth assistant light keeper; and Charles Ellsworth of Wellington. 

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday afternoon from the house of Mrs Augustine H Peatfield (Mr Ellsworth's daughter) on Summer Street.  Mrs Ellsworth has not been informed of her husband's or sister's death. From Peatfield Family Collection

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