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PDF Roster List of Nevada Rifles Nevada City California organized in 1858.

Francis Henry Nicholson (1829-1884) son of Francis Abner Nicholson and Katherine Burdge. He married Elizabeth Charles. The family has a collection of letters written by Francis which describe some the events of the Nevada Rifles in Nevada City, California.

Rufus Shoemaker (1830-1893) born to Dr. David Shoemaker and Martha Holliday. He married Sarah Lacy. He served as a captain of the Nevada Rifles.

Newspaper clip Nevada Democrat Nevada City, California · Wednesday, October 13, 1858

Many of these men were part of the 49ers-----Gold Rush Stories Part 1 and Part 2

Nevada Rifles

Location: Nevada City, Nevada County

Date of Organization: 2/13/1858

Date of Disbanding: 3/3/1863

Captain(s): William P. Harrington (1861); Henry Meredith (1858); Rufus Shoemaker


Number of Entries on Master Roster: 143

PDF Full Roster List in alphabetical order. Compiled by Kimberly Johnston-Dodds from the following sources: ROOT CELLAR, Sacramento Genealogical Society, California State Militia: Index to the Muster Rolls of 1851 to 1866 (Sacramento: The Society, 1999), Vols. 1 – 4; National Guard of California, 1849-1880

(Part 1), Compiled with the Assistance of the Work Projects Administration from Records in the

Adjutant General's Office of California and the California State Library (Sacramento, 1940), 214-


List of Nevada-Rifles_10_22_10
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