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Ohio families accused and tried as witches in 1894

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

PDF File on Story Dale, Shaffer. “Families accused, tried as witches in 1894.” Yesteryears Volume 1, No. 5 July 6, 1991. Salem Ohio Historical Society

Yesteryears Ohio
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Sadie’s son Harry Loop married Laura B Phillips daughter of Albert G Phillips and Mary Isaphenia Windle and had issue. I found him in a 1913 photo taken at the Philips family reunion.

Charles H Hoop (1857-1939) married Fannie Kress (1867-1917) Issue: Catherine (1890-1974) married James V Fisher (1885-1982); Anne Estella Loop (1891-1982) married Carl Hebert Juergens (1887-1970)

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