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Newburyport Massachusetts Town History Papers

Updated: Jun 2

A scrapbook of old Newburyport Town Papers was sent to me by historian, author, and antique collector Gary Sullivan Antiques. Any help with history would be appreciated. I have not transcribed. I assume there maybe copies of some of these in the archives. Please do not publish or use images without permission. Thank you.

Dated 1767 Edmund Bartlett and Elizabeth Clarke

Dated 1766 Ebenezer Little and Benjamin Poor

Dated 1769 Ralph Cross shipbuilder

Dated 1767 Samuel Woodman and Cutting Moody

Large receipt signed by Greenleaf Gunderson

Dated 1766 Jeremiah Pearson and Edward Kettle and John Barker

Dated 1778 Daniel Moody, Noyes Pearson, Simeon Pearson, Robert Bayley, and Timothy Landry?

Dated ? Sarah Frothingham and Ebenezer Sumner of Boston

Dated 1809 Daniel Balch, clockmaker paid for clock maintenance.

Dated 1809 Nathaniel Brickett and Thomas Knight

Dated 1825 Thomas Pearson

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