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Mayflower II Sails for America 1957

GV. Plymouth promenade with crowds waiting to watch the Mayflower II, replica of the famous boat of the Pilgrim fathers, depart for America. GV. Mayflower lying out in the Plymouth Sound. SV. Mayflower anchored offshore in the Plymouth Sound. AS. Member of crew on mast ropes adjusting them. LV. Mayflower with stores going aboard. SV. Top shot, treasure chest being lowered into hold. SV. Two men pulling on rope to lower chest into hold. CU. Name on treasure chest. AS. Looking up at crow's nest. Two men climbing down rope ladder. CU. Man looking up at crow's nest. He then looks down. SV. Boys holding ship's cat. SV. Member of crew sitting on box peeling potatoes. GV. Crowds on promenade at Plymouth watching the crew come ashore for ceremony. SCU. Mayor of Plymouth W. J. Oats with ship's Commander Villiers in period costume. LV. Crew coming ashore dressed in period costume and being greeted by the Mayor. SV. Union Jack and US. flags. LV. Ceremony in progress. SV. Crowds watching. SV. Mayor of Plymouth handing over to Commander Villiers the portfolio collection of twelve large-scale photographs. Commander Villiers shakes hands with Mayor. SV. Members of the crew dressed in period costume watching. SV. Commander Villiers speaking (natural sound). He talks about great importance of sailing and ships like Mayflower. SV. Crowds watching. LV. Commander Villiers about to drink the health of the Mayor and the people of Plymouth from a large type of loving cup. SCU. Commander Villiers drinking from cup. SCU. Commander Villiers finishes drinking from cup and hands it over. LV. Commander Villiers with the Mayor of Plymouth walks down the famous steps to the small boat which will take them out to the Mayflower. SV. Group of people watching. GV. Mayflower crew rowing away in boat with Commander Villiers and the Mayor, & SV. Villiers waves from boat with the Mayor. AS. People waving from shore. LV. Boat drawing away from steps on route from the Mayflower. LV. People on the steps watching. GV. Mayflower being towed out of Plymouth Sound, surrounded by various small craft, & SV.

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