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Maine Silver, Watches, and Jewelry A List of Makers and Dealers 1760 to the Early 1900s

Watch paper Henry Sleeper Pearson Silversmith and watchmaker----Advertised in the Eastern Argus and Portland Gazette (Portland ME), 1810-1824, as a mathematical instrument maker and watchmaker at 9 Jones Row, Exchange Street. Worked with Anthony Davenport as a silversmith in Portland ME from a shop "At the Sign of the Quadrant and Compass" in Jones Row on Exchange Street, which he took Oct. 18, 1825. It had been occupied by Henry Sleeper Pearson. Davenport was also a watch and clock maker and made mathematical and nautical instruments. Pearson and Davenport were related through marriages into the Greenleaf and Pearson family.

At more than 1,300 pieces, the Maine State Museum’s collection of Maine silver is the largest anywhere.

With that large collection has come the responsibility to conduct research. Over several decades, current and past Maine State Museum staff members and volunteers have tirelessly and quietly carried out these Herculean research efforts, focusing on the development of the first comprehensive list identifying Maine silversmiths, goldsmiths, jewelers, silverplaters, and clock and watchmakers from 1760 to the early 1900s.

Former curator Ed Churchill, now retired, has spearheaded the research project, along with Ann Thomas and Kathy Kirkham. The checklist, now nearly 100 pages

Maine State Museum---Edwin A. Churchill, Ann P. Thomas, & Kathleen B. Kirkham--Compilers and Editors

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