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Lyon Gardiner Tyler and Anne Baker Tucker of Virginia and Allied Families

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This lineage is compiled for Jamestown Who's Who Series" # 16 Link will come after post on Genealogybank blog and a work in progress

Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853-1935) and his wife Anne Baker Tucker (1855-1921) of Virginia listed 2nd below


  • Lyon Gardiner Tyler

  • John Tyler and Julia Gardiner

  • John Tyler and Mary Armistead (see below)

  • John Tyler and Anne Contesse

  • John Tyler and Elizabeth Lowe Jarrett

  • Henry Tyler II and Elizabeth Chiles daughter of Walter Chiles and Mary Page (d. of John Page; granddaughter of Walter Chiles and Elizabeth Saunders)

  • William Henry Tyler and Ann (nee Armistead) Orchard, widow of John Orchard and d. of William Armistead and Lady Mary (nee Chiles) Cocke. Ann would marry Martin Gardiner 3rd.

John Page (1627-1692) from above--son of Francis Page and Isabel Bland Wyatt, daughter of Francis Wyatt and the great grandson of Sir Thomas Wyatt and his wife Elizabeth Brooke, direct descendant of Sir Geoffrey Boleyn the great grandfather of Anne Boleyn.

Wife of John Tyler----Mary Armistead Lineage

  • Robert Booth Armistead

  • Ellyson Armistead and Jane Frances Ellyson

  • Robert Armistead and Lenora A. Booth. daughter of Robert Booth and Ann Bray; granddaughter of Robert Booth and Frances Burgess

  • Anthony Armistead and Hannah Ellyson

  • William Armistead and Anne Ellis

Lineage of Anne Baker Tucker, wife of Lyon Gardiner Tyler

  • Anne Baker Tucker

  • St. George Hunter Tucker and Elizabeth Anderson Gilmer

  • Henry St. George Tucker and Ann Evelina Hunter

  • St George Tucker and Francis (nee Bland) Randolph, widow of John Randolph, daughter of Theodorick Bland and Francis Bolling (see below)

  • Henry Tucker and Ann Butterfield

  • Henry Ticker and Frances Tudor

  • St. George Tucker and Jane Hubbard (possibly a descendant the Hubbard family in Bermuda and Boston)

  • George Tucker and Francis St. George

  • George Tucker and Elizabeth Sedley

See Hunter and other family portraits PDF File National Gallery of Art Acquisitions from the Collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art
Download PDF • 520KB

Theodorick Bland, son of Richard Bland and Elizabeth Randolph, daughter of William Randolph

Frances Bolling daughter of Druid Bowling and Elizabeth Meriwether; granddaughter of Robert Bolling and gr. granddaughter of Nicholas Meriweather

Anne Tucker's father St. George Hunter Tucker (1823-1863) Photo Courtesy of the Ashland Museum

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