Home of John Coolidge, Sr.

Home of John Coolidge, Sr., Grove Street Watertown, Massachusetts. Built around 1845. Bought by Mount Auburn Cemetery and demolished. Reading left to right: Charles Davenport, seated; Emma J. Davenport (Mrs. Albert M.), standing; Annie E. Davenport (Mrs. Bennett F.); Grace Coolidge (Davenport), a child; John Coolidge Jr., seated; Pat White, the hired man at the gate; Mrs. John Coolidge Sr. (Mary Stone Bond), seated; Charles Davenport, standing behind Alice Davenport and Mary Davenport (two little girls seated on the lawn); Mattie Coolidge on horseback; Mary Ellen Coolidge (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Coolidge Sr.) Grace Coolidge Davenport From DAR files collection.

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