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Francis Proctor receipt from fellow Pennsylvania artillery company commander James Biddle 1775

Francis Proctor--Soldier of the Revolution, and officer of "Proctor's Artillery" formed in Pennsylvania in 1775. He was captured early in 1776 and spent months aboard the British prison ship "Glascow," in company with Ethan Allen among others. Upon his exchange, he commanded the 4th Continental Artillery 1777-1778. Very interesting manuscript receipt for £6.0.0 from fellow Pennsylvania artillery company commander James Biddle, to cover "exercising and instructing his Company of Artillery" from July through September, 1775. Dated January 11, 1776, and signed "Fran.c Proctor." Proctor had served previously in an Irish artillery regiment, and brought rare skill and experience to the Revolutionary cause. Some water staining, but professionally cleaned and de-acidified. A great piece of American Revolutionary history. Heritage Collectors Society

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