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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Florence Briggs Webster Photos and Diary

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In the window, Hannah Elizabeth Stetson (1828-1881), wife of Harrison Otis Briggs, with her children: Ella Stetson Briggs (1849-1939), who married George Andrew Thayer; Franklin Harrison Briggs (1860-1930) and (1853-1940) married Andrew Gerrish Webster photo furnished by family

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Florence Briggs (1853-1940) daughter of Harrison Otis Briggs (1824-1881) andHannah Elizabeth Stetson (1828-1881) married Andrew Gerrish Webster (1846-1939) son of David Locke Webster (1813-1903) and Joanna Rider (1805-1890)

Lizzie left some very interesting diaries.She traveled and was active in many societies and organizations. Below is a clip from one diary I recently transcribed. Her father was one of the men selected to entertain the Prince of Wales (King Edward VII of Great Britain) during his visit to Boston, Massachusetts. Lizzie recalls the night her mother dressed for the occasion.

One of the earliest remembrances connected with furniture is of the night of the ball given for the young Prince of Wales-afterwards King Edward VI of England.

My father was then an alderman and was a member of the committee in charge of the entertainment of the prince.

My mother dressed for the ball in a guest room which stood the cheval mirror and when she was ready to go to the ball my sister Ella and I ran from are beds into the guest bedroom--My mother stood in front of the mirror fastening throat a gold chain which carried a cross of diamonds given by my father to consummate the occasion. 

She wore a lavender skirt made in the Victorian fashion of a very full skirt and low bodice with short sleeves. Around the neck of the bodice was a portion of white Honiton lace.

Elizabeth Florence Briggs daughter of Harrison Otis Briggs and Hannah Elizabeth Stetson wife of Andrew Gerrish Webster

Andrew Gerrish Webster husband to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Florence Briggs

Shipbuilder Harrison Otis Briggs (1824-1881) son of Cushing Otis Briggs (1787-1861) and Mary "Mercy" Little Thomas (1791-1862) husband of Hannah Elizabeth Stetson (1828-1881) daughter of Alpheus Stetson (1791-1881) and Hannah Williams Kent (1801-1885)

Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American Volume 17 1904

Ancestor Captain James Briggs (1719-1804) born in Scituate to James Briggs and Hannah Stowell. Married Hannah Barker (1724-1792) daughter of Barnabas Barker (abt 1688-1763) and Hannah Turner (abt 1697-1736), in Scituate, Massachusetts. 

James Briggs was a soldier in the French and Indian War, and was with the New England troops under Col. John Winslow at the taking of Louisburg in 1744, one of the greatest achievements of the war. He also served in the Revolution, first in charge of a watch box on the Third Cliff, Scituate, Massachusetts in 1775, and later with troops.

He built ships at Hobart’s Landing, interrupted only by his services during the wars with the French and Indians, and later with the British troops. He built in 1773 at Hobart’s Landing the first American vessel to circumnavigate the globe. This was the ship Columbia, which also explored the Columbia River in Oregon, which was named after the vessel. She was the first vessel from this country to visit the northwest coast.

All Images furnished by V Varnick family scrapbooks and diary is in the a private collection.

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