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EDDIE RICKENBACKER America’s “Ace of Aces” Photo and Letter

Eddie was a top race car driver by the time the U.S. entered World War I. He then served as a fighter pilot, winning 26 air victories and numerous distinctions, including the Medal of Honor. After the war, Rickenbacker worked for Cadillac Motor Company before moving into aeronautics. He was president of Eastern Airlines from 1938 until his retirement in 1963.

This museum quality frame measuring 28.5" x 19", houses two smaller frames. On the left, a portrait of Rickenbacker as he looked during his World War I service. On the right, a framed letter dated June 21, 1973. The letter was intended for a fan named William and mentions Rickenbacker's recent bout with an illness. He goes on to discuss their mutual interest in automobile racing. Rickenbacker mentions that he still follows the sport and specifically states that he "was quite interested in noting as a result of the accidents at Indianapolis...they will limit the amount of fuel that the drivers are permitted to carry." He concludes that he is enclosing two autographed racing pictures. The letter, signed "Eddie Rickenbacker" was sent by Rickenbacker less than 1 month prior to his death.

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